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Because feeling good on the inside...makes all that hard work on the outside shine!

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ISFit Coaching provides specialized stress management coaching services for individuals looking to de-stress their lives and work through personal obstacles that may be hindering their day to day happiness and success. ISFit Coaching was designed as an Inner Self Fitness service to help you feel centered, empowered and joyful on the inside so that all your efforts to look good and perform well on the outside shine even brighter from within. 

Lets face it, life has its challenges and many stressors including family, kids, work, finances, divorce etc... These things can take quite a toll on one's entire self and wellbeing. Stress is one of the top causes for illnesses, disease, family discorse, lowered self esteem and unsatifactory work performance to name just a few, which is why it is so important and highly recommended to take time for yourself to reconnect to the real you and truly move through life's challenges with ease, strength and joy.  At ISFit Coaching we feel it's a delicate balance of bridging the gap between physial fitness and the other efforts we make on the outside by complimenting them with Inner Self Fitness to completly look and feel your absolute very best from the inside out. 

In person or by phone from the comfort of your own home, ISFit Coaching can compliment your regular wellness and beauty regime from where ever you live.  Please call Shoshana Hanson for more information and to make your next appointment. 

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