ISFit Coaching

"Inner Self Fitness
Because feeling good on the inside...makes all that hard work on the outside shine!


Shoshana Hanson CSMC, COC, certified stress management coach; certified online coach and also creator of ISFit Coaching, has been coaching clients for personal empowerment for over 12 years.  Her unique and caring approach using IMT (introspective meditative technique) gives her clients a step above the usual expected coaching sessions found elsewhere by giving them a sense of calm and inner strength from their very first session. Shoshana has a way of helping others find the answers to their personal struggles quickly and easily in a very non-judmental and fully supportive envoirment from the moment the session begins. Clients learn stress reducing tecniques to gain answers and insight while promoting deep relaxation to manage persoanl stress. Promblem solving and moving forward in a positive direction is an important and prominent benefit as well. Clients learn tools to take with them to use at home or at any given time in the future when inner perspecitve, knowledge, power and/or relaxation is needed. 

A graduate of Syracuse University in Fine Arts, Shoshana later received her certifications in "Stress Management Coaching" and "Online Coaching" through the Spencer Institute which enabled her to bring individualized services using IMT to others locally, nationally and from around the world so that her clients can enjoy their personal life journey one step at a time and truely love themselves as well as the life they're living... deeply, fully and passionately... from the inside out.  As a former professional theatrical dancer in L.A. and Las Vegas, it was a natural transition for Shoshana to also receive her certifications in Hatha, Vinyasa and children's yoga from which she taught for many years in fitness facilities around the country including NY, Las Vegas (at the Canyon Ranch Spa Club in the Venetitan Hotel,) and in Arizona as she believes physical fitness goes hand in hand with inner wellbeing. Shoshana has seen and experienced first hand the success of these unique coaching techniques she now uses with her clients after honing her skills for over 20 years during her own life challenges with her personal mentor in the field.  It became clear it was time to put her knowledge and skilled coaching practices to greater use in order to help others in the same way she learned how to do by working with her clients and helping them to connect to their true authentic inner selves during stressful, emotional and questionable times. 

ISFit Coaching is a private coaching practice in Gilbert, AZ  who services clients local to AZ as well as distant clients throughout the U.S and around the world using telecommunication and online services. 

Shoshana specializes in stress management coaching and online coaching in the aeas of:

~general stress, anxiety and depression

divorce transition

~marriage and family


~career path

~job performance


~and is LGBT friendly.