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"Inner Self Fitness
Because feeling good on the inside...makes all that hard work on the outside shine!

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ISFit Coaching is dedicated to the wellbeing of our clients which is why we keep our fees affordable and competitive. We pride ourselves on wanting to help the many as opposed to only the few who can afford high quality coaching as coaching at this time is not covered under most health insurance plans. We do not want costs to weigh in as another life stressor and believe that everyone is entitled to get the help they need to live a happier fuller life if they ask for it and chose to put the effort in. Simply stated...This idea is more important to us than charging outrageous fees. We feel it's important for you to know we will work within your budget and create a plan that is fair for both client and coach if needed. We will always do our best to try and work with our clients, so please do not hesitate to call if you are interested in our services if you think we can help. 

30 Minutes "Check in" Session: $65

60 Minute Session: $95

90 Minute Session: $125